Youth Homelessness: Case Studies of the Reconnect Program, Final Report

This research comprises a study of the support provided under the Reconnect program to young people and the families of young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The project investigates the articulation of and relationship between programs providing different types of support to young people at the local level. The work studies the co-ordination of support to different groups and to young people where the need is for support in crisis, or where there is a need for longer- term support. The study was designed to explore the initial development of the Reconnect program by focusing on the system of support for young people as it is operating in four localities. The choice of four localities enabled the research to examine the development of services in urban, rural and regional areas within two states and to compare of services at different stages of development.

The project also provides information about the co - o rdination of support provided by commonwealth and state authorities. This research thus provides feedback at an early stage of the life of the program about the extent to which the key result areas of Reconnect are being addressed. Although this investigation is primarily exploratory, it will contribute to an understanding of the program's role in building community capacity for early intervention with regard to youth homelessness.

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