Rapid Re-Housing

Rapid Re-Housing is similar to Housing First but is aimed at individuals or families who are often not part of traditional Housing First programs*.

The Rapid Re-Housing model looks for people (both individuals and families) who are experiencing episodic or transitional (as opposed to chronic) homelessness. Like Housing First it has no “readiness requirements” but is focused on getting people into housing and out of shelters as quickly as possible. People who are eligible for rapid re-housing are usually judged to have low to moderate acuity.

There are a variety of Rapid Re-Housing models; many use scattered site housing although others may provide communal housing. Rapid Re-Housing often includes rent supplements (usually time-limited) and should include some level of community support services.

* Note: Traditional Housing First programs target individuals who are chronically homeless and usually dealing with a substance use or mental health issue. Lately Housing First programs have been expanding their scope to house others experiencing homelessness