Housing Managers/General Managers

A Housing Manager is the individual in charge of a housing project or building(s). They may function in a role similar to an Executive Director/CEO or their role fall under a lead agency and they maintain responsibility for a specific building or set of buildings.

A Housing Manager’s role is to work in partnership with all stakeholders including a Board of Directors, agency leadership, tenants, staff and community partners. Depending upon the size of the project(s)/building(s) the Housing Manager may be very hands-on or they may be in a leadership role supervising other staff.

Potential responsibilities include budgets and fiscal operations, hiring/firing/supervision of staff, ensuring maintenance of the building is complete and working with contractors to conduct physical repairs. Housing Managers also need to have a strong understanding of tenant-landlord legislation in their specific area, as well as knowledge about community resources and services.

Housing Managers, especially in projects that are working with people who have experienced homelessness, need to understand the issues that may be presented by tenants including physical and mental health concerns, addictions issues, tenant disputes, problems with managing finances, maintenance of units and the potential for violence or interaction with emergency services.

As the public face of the building/housing project, the Housing Manager should also be skilled at resolving potential conflicts with neighbours and at interacting with the media.