Benefits of a Systems Approach to Homelessness

By developing a systems approach, the goals (and indeed the outcomes in places that have already implemented it) are to: 

  • Prevent homelessness from occurring by addressing the systems and structures that allow it to occur and to provide early intervention to ensure chronic homelessness is reduced.
  • Provide better coordination amongst services, especially for people with complex needs who use multiple services simultaneously.
  • Increase cooperation and knowledge sharing across the community sector and government.
  • Increase stability for an individual experiencing homelessness and provide them with more opportunities for community involvement.
  • Increase expertise and ability amongst service providers in order to assist clients with complex needs.    
  • Improve cooperation and collaboration among service providers, which will allow for stronger ties across sectors and therefore reduced re-occurrence of homelessness.
  • Improve client services and access to services.
  • Reduce the cost of services.
  • Reduce service duplication.