Case Management

This module focuses on building an intentional and thoughtful plan for case management. This includes developing a strategy that works across partner agencies and that fits and enhances the goals of the larger intervention. With that goal in mind, a key focus of this module is thinking about the ways to integrate the case management team into the other components of the intervention and to develop a team approach.

This module is important because we see case management being a central component of any intervention for a few reasons:

  • Case managers are often the first point of contact for an intervention and play an important role in client engagement;
  • case managers help the client navigate the various components of the intervention and thereby integrate and connect the elements of the intervention together; and
  • case managers are well positioned to reflect on how successful the intervention is in helping clients reach their goals and therefore play an important role in design, implementation, and evaluation.

Although the case management team will have the most hands on role in working through the worksheets in this module we recommend finding ways to discuss and share the answers with the whole team.

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