Mental Health Supports

This module focuses on organizational self-assessment and troubleshooting tools that can assist leadership, clinical and front-line staff in designing and implementing mental health and wellness focused programming, as well as in planning for and navigating challenges that commonly arise in this programming within the youth homelessness context.

This module contains guiding documents to help collaborative ventures, organizations, and practitioners alike attend to key elements in the development of tertiary mental health supports across both individual and group service contexts. This approach aims to further stabilize young people who have attained a relative level of stability in meeting their housing and basic needs, and who may be beginning to transition from “survival mode” to navigating the compounded and distinct mental, physical, and social health challenges that can arise in the transition from homelessness.

This module is composed of considerations and guiding activities to be used in the planning, design and implementation of tertiary mental health supports for young people transitioning from homelessness.

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