Partnership, Culture & Values

Meeting the Opportunity of Diversity

This module provides an overview of the importance of partnerships in diminishing barriers to care for youth experiencing homelessness, and the necessity to increase service provision that meets the many unique needs of these youth. This includes a consideration of the role of culture and values from an organizational perspective, and how this translates to meeting the needs of those serviced by the involved organization(s).

An example of a partnership with an Indigenous organization, whose values were used to guide the implementation of the programming to meet Indigenous youth, is provided. This includes a discussion of the concept of cultural safety, and how to achieve this for both staff and youth.

This module serves as an example of how the HOP-C program can be tailored to meet specific cultural needs of the population it serves, and ends with a worksheet that can help organizations think through important considerations related to partnerships, culture, and values, in the implementation of mental health, case management, and peer supports in different contexts.

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