→ The Daniels Corporation Partnership with Covenant House Toronto

The Daniels Corporation is a Toronto-based builder/developer with a long history of addressing issues of homelessness and affordable housing. Daniels recently partnered with the Toronto Community Housing Corporation in the redevelopment of Regent Park in the heart of downtown Toronto. As part of this work, Daniels also created a unique partnership with Covenant House Toronto (CHT) by making two (unfurnished) condominiums units available at a very minimal cost.

“Daniels - they give you a brand-new unit, a brand new condominium unit! Everything is brand new!!” — Danny Aguilar, Housing Worker, Covenant House Toronto

Similar to the Hollyburn partnerships, CHT is responsible for selecting, orienting and providing ongoing support to the young person. The youth pays $480/month, including insurance and hydro; this amount is well below market rent. The Daniels Corporation then donates the youth’s rent payment back to CHT in exchange for a tax receipt.