→ STEP 6: Moving Forward


During Step 6, you should be generally independent. You are almost ready for your transition from the program. Step 6 gives you some time to get all your plans in place.


  1. Pay program fee of $300 on the first of each month, unless otherwise arranged.
  2. Case plan reviewed bi-weekly with Case Manager.
  3. Adhere to your case plan, including your plan for school or work.
  4. Wake up and get yourself to appointments/work/school as needed and without reminders.
  5. Take medications as prescribed.  Be responsible for remembering to do this.
  6. Sign in and out every time you enter or leave the building.
  7. No curfew, but must check in daily by phone when staying out late or when taking overnights. (Spending more than 5 nights per month away from ROP will prompt a discussion about whether it is time to move on from the program).
  8. Attend Life Skills sessions as assigned.
  9. Keep apartment clean, clean up after yourself in the common area and complete common area chores daily.
  10. Attend Community Dinner every Wednesday and House Meeting once per month.
  11. When you miss dinner, supply and prepare your own meal. (No saved dinners will be provided).
  12. Adhere to behavioural guidelines.
  13. Complete weekly program requirements.
  14. Be a leader within the ROP Community (e.g. Mentorship, Youth Advisory Committee, planning and implementing activities, and others).
  15. Create your move-out plan and adapt it as necessary with your Key Worker and Case Manager.