As with most projects of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness/Homeless Hub the toolkit was developed through a very collaborative process.

  • A review of literature related to Foyers and Transitional Housing was conducted (this toolkit is not a literature review and this research was conducted primarily for background material).  Research into key theories and concepts was also conducted.
  • Phone and in-person interviews (the latter were filmed) were completed with a variety of staff and users of the transitional housing programs at Covenant House Toronto and Vancouver, as well as with Hollyburn Properties staff.
  • Transcriptions were made of each interview.
  • Both agencies provided copies of their materials, including policies, forms, guides etc.
  • Monthly meetings were held with Covenant House Toronto to discuss progress and direction.
  • All of the materials were analyzed to determine what information needed to be included in the toolkit.
  • The video interviews were edited to create over 20 short videos to supplement the written content.
  • Each video subject had the ability to review their contribution and confirm their acceptance of the content included in the videos.
  • Both organizations had an opportunity to review content of the written toolkit. Special thanks to Julie Neubauer, Transitional Housing Manager at Covenant House Toronto and Chelsea Minhas, Manager of the Rights of Passage Program at Covenant House Vancouver for their continual feedback.