Writing the Plan

So, what does a youth plan actually look like? You’ve probably seen examples from other communities (see the resource section on the A Way Home website). This section will walk you through the key elements of a youth plan and provides you technical guidance on how to develop one based on best practices and information you gathered locally. It will point you to further reading, where available.

In some ways, knowing what a youth plan could look like – or working with the end in mind – can help you think through your consultation and research processes and inform your workplan.

A plan to end youth homelessness is not drastically different from a strategic plan or business plan; however, its scope is much wider than that of a single agency or government department/ministry. The plan takes a systems view and provides guidance to a particular community (city, region, province, country) on tackling a complex social issue. Thus, while elements of the plan content may seem familiar at first glance, the scope is much broader because of the diverse systems and stakeholders it aims to coalesce into a coherent strategy.