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Stephanie Vasko

Communications Manager

Stephanie Vasko is the Communications Manager for the Homeless Hub. She leads the team responsible for designing the Homeless Hub's publications and communications materials, which range from reports and books to infographics and videos, that help advance the Homeless Hub's mandate to enhance the impact of research on policy and practice. Stephanie oversees the Homeless Hub website, a key vehicle of knowledge mobilization and the world’s largest library of homelessness research. In addition to coordinating the recent Homeless Hub redesign, Stephanie has designed several websites and is skilled in both the aesthetic (interface design, user-experience design) and technical (programming, content management systems) aspects of website development. Stephanie graduated with honours from McMaster University’s multimedia and communications program in 2007. In this time, Stephanie has been involved in website development and communications management at a variety of organizations in Canada and Switzerland, from non-profits to non-governmental organizations in consultation with the United Nations. Stephanie is currently working toward a certificate in Design Management from Ryerson University, focusing on design thinking, project management and user-centred design applications.

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