This is part of an occasional series of blogs on workplace learning.

One thing is certain, whatever your priorities were before March 2020 and the onset  of COVID-19, they have surely shifted. At the Homelessness Learning Hub (HLHub), we know training is an ongoing need that has been challenging during the pandemic and we want to continue to be your source for relevant, accessible learning for the housing and homelessness sector. 

We design training so that professional development doesn’t have to stop — regardless of the circumstances. You can work through a full lesson or spend 15 minutes at a time — the HLHub is available when it’s convenient for you. And, our training now includes Certificates of Completion!

We have been busy developing new training, starting with a topic in high demand:harm reduction. Our new training, Harm Reduction for the Homelessness Sector, is available on demand and designed specifically for those working with individuals at risk or experiencing homelessness. 

Did we mention it’s free?

The Harm Reduction training can be completed in about 6 hours, but with so much practical and relevant content, you may find yourself returning to it again and again. This training was designed for real world application with just enough theory and research mixed in.

Promotional image for new harm reduction training

Who should take the training?

Harm reduction workers have specialized skills, but harm reduction as an approach is relevant to anyone working in the sector. This training will be suitable for anyone working in community-based settings including:

  • Shelters
  • Housing programs
  • Outreach services
  • Drop-ins
  • Community care response teams
  • Community health centres

The training provides opportunities to reflect on the role of harm reduction in the housing and homeless-serving sector.  Harm reduction services may be unavailable or limited in a way that fails to address systemic barriers. Harm reduction policies may be vague or lacking altogether, which has serious implications for clients and staff wellbeing.

People who take this training will learn about harm reduction and explore individual beliefs and values that impact our everyday actions. In a broader context, the training  also explores harm reduction from a public health and social justice perspective. The training is intended to show alternative strategies and services that will positively impact people who use substances and people experiencing homelessness.

What you’ll learn:

  • Definitions of harm reduction and benefits for the housing and homeless-serving sector
  • Key issues concerning homelessness and substance use with practical strategies to support people to transition to stable housing
  • Specific harm reduction strategies for shelter and housing programs
  • Information, tools and resources to support safer substance use


The Homelessness Learning Hub has job-specific learning materials

The Homelessness Learning Hub has hundreds of resources to support your professional development, including a collection of resources on harm reduction. Our online training is always free and you can access lessons on demand. 

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