Total number of individuals experiencing homelessness: 147 (2021)*
Individuals experiencing chronic homelessness: 147 (2021)*
Individuals staying in emergency shelters: 18% (2021)*
Individuals staying in a facility setting: Systems (hospital, jail): 13% (2021)*
Individuals staying in transitional housing: 52% (2021)*
Number of hidden homeless: Couch surfing, staying with a friend: 17% (2021)*
Individuals identifying as youth: Ages 16-18: 2% (2021)*
Individuals identifying as Indigenous: 1% (2021)*
Individuals identifying as LGBTQ2S+: Two-spirit: 2% (2021)
Individuals identifying as female: 41% (2021)*
Individuals identifying as male: 57% (2021)*


*Note: In April, Charlottetown and Summerside took part in a nationally coordinated effort, led by Government of P.E.I in partnership with the The Poverty Elimination Council, to measure homelessness in Canada. This report identifies achievements of the Poverty Reduction Plan to the end of March 2021.


Apartment vacancy rate: 1% (2022)
1-bedroom vacancy rate: 0% (2022)
2-bedroom vacancy rate: 1.5% (2022)
Average cost of rent (1 bdrm): $760/month (2022)
Average cost of rent (2 bdrm): $930/month (2022)



Total number of family and individuals visiting a Novia Scotia Food Bank:

Province wide: 3,320 (2022)