The resources we posted last week highlight not only the diversity of the Homeless Hub’s audience, but also that of the research being done across Canada in the homelessness sector. The highlights from last week include:

A new study by researchers from Simon Fraser University found that Housing First reduces re-offending among formerly homeless adults with mental disorders. This is one of the first studies to have examined the effect of Housing First on criminal behaviour. 

The first week of September always brings with it the beginning of a new school year. For teachers, the Homeless Hub offers several curriculum units to help them undertake homelessness as a topic in their classroom. These curriculum units were recently redesigned and officially relaunched last week. 

To commemorate International Overdose Awareness Day, Henry Eastabrook, an Outreach-Advocate Worker at London InterCommunity Health Centre wrote an informative blog post that outlined the harm reduction practices and services that can be utilized to dramatically reduce overdose death rates. He cited effective programs such as Insite in Vancouver, and suggested similar services be expanded to other communities across Canada. 

Friday’s “Ask the Hub” question answers a question anyone who currently is or has ever been homeless has asked themselves at one point: I’m Homeless… Now What? Tanya Gulliver provides some important tips and suggestions for anyone who finds themselves in this situation. 

Lastly, our Graduate Assistant, Isaac Coplan, has spent the past few months summarizing dozens of dense research articles into concise, 2-page, plain language summaries. Isaac shares his research summary process in a blog post and infographic.