It seems to be pretty common for my generation to worry about graduating into the labour force without an abundant supply of good, stable employment. As the infographic below points out, the price of housing is also increasing and it becomes a challenge to live in some major cities. For some of those who graduate from post secondary institutions, there can be some risk once they are unable to access loans that supported their ability to live on their own. Some people adjust to this change by moving back in with family, others may be forced to temporarily “couch surf” with friends (becoming part of the hidden homeless population).

Despite this worry, it can be problematic to think that everyone is being affected equally by these economic conditions. Overall, businesses are still more likely to hire people with a university education (as mentioned in this Huffington Post article). This still creates a greater advantage to those who are emerging with a degree.

Youth who are experiencing homelessness face additional barriers that prevent them from immediately getting a job. At times youth may be accessing multiple support services to survive, while also trying to find a job that requires them to compete with others who have more education and experience. This scenario makes finding employment even more daunting.

There are organizations such as those that partner with Raising the Roof that are working hard to create better jobs for young people experiencing homelessness. Organizations have helped youth gain employment skills and experience by providing necessary support and building relationships with businesses. There are great examples and models that have been established for designing these programs throughout each province in Canada.

Despite the frustration of long job searches after graduating post-secondary education, Canadian youth who have a degree also have the potential to access better jobs than those without (that is not to say that all graduates have equal access to good jobs). Therefore, it is important to call for the creation of jobs for those with the highest levels education however, it is also important to address the lack of stable jobs for those with barriers to the labour market.

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