Report cards are tools that communities use to measure and analyze their progress in ending homelessness. Report Cards usually build on the 10 Year Plans to End Homelessness by looking at what a community said they were going to do, gathering statistics to determine what has been done, comparing desired goals to actual outcomes and then analyzing and reporting on this progress.

SOHC2014 coverReport cards are a method of accountability for the public, service providers and funders. They help ensure that there is a continual checking in process and a comparison to the vision. When a community is failing to make progress in one area of their plan they can use the information from the Report Card to determine how to change and prioritize that area of focus.

We recently released a 2014 report card on The State of Homelessness in Canada. The report delves into the crisis in housing and sets the course for ending homelessness in Canada.

To find a report card for a specific community in Canada, please see our Community Profiles section.