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Media Matters: Changing the Homelessness Narrative

In today’s technology driven world, it is no surprise media platforms act as key channels for the dissemination of information. Within the realm of media narratives, homelessness is a particularly interesting issue that reflects not only the stark realities faced by a marginalized population but also the transformative role that media holds in catalyzing solutions to urgent societal problems. 


Finding Community in Encampments

Homelessness rates are rapidly rising across Canada, and encampments, as one of the most visible manifestations of homelessness, have become a focal point for discussion. Unfortunately, these debates often focus on safety risks (for both encampment residents and neighbours) rather than on rights, housing, and supports.


Design Thinking: Bridging the Gap Between Research, Policy, and Practice

While researchers want their work to contribute to social change, this is easier said than done. Researchers rarely have the tools or connections to reach the policy makers and practitioners who would make use of their work. Similarly, policy makers and practitioners often struggle to develop and implement policies and programs that reflect best the practices identified through research. This means there are significant gaps between knowledge and practice when it comes to addressing social problems like homelessness.