Integrating Homelessness Issues into Family/Social Sciences Classes

  • GRADES: 11-12 Food and Nutrition, Grade 10 Civics, ESLC (letter writing to government MP)
  • Includes full unit plan (with 3 part lesson plans that include Learning Outcomes/Learning Goals)
  • Checkbricks for Assessments As/For Learning (KWL Charts, Brainstorming resources, etc)
  • Text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world based questions and connections (including Field Trip ideas and community orientated research activities)

Homelessness, as an important social issue, can be easily addressed throughout the Social Sciences and Humanities Curriculum. The lessons which have been included here are just a sample of the multitude of ways that homelessness can be woven into our classes. Each of the lessons incorporates language and literacy development opportunities as well as opportunities to apply and extend students’ knowledge.

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