Learning about Homelessness in British Columbia

  • GRADES: Grade 10 Civics, Grade 11 IAPS, Grade 12 Challenge and Change, Grade 9-12 Health and Physical Education (Mental Health unit *can also be included in elementary HPE resources), connections to Native statistics (ESLC/E)
  • Includes unit plan
  • Includes Learning Goals and Objectives for each lesson
  • Includes lesson plan ideas
  • Includes a Glossary of Terms/Key Words and Definitions
  • Text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world based questions and connections (Canadian Resource – Specific to BC)

A Guide for Senior High-School Teachers

Integrating homelessness issues into senior social sciences and humanities courses, including: Civics 11, Social Studies 11, Economics 12, First Nations 12, Law 12, and Social Justice 12

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British Columbia
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