“Bringing Lethbridge Home” 5 Year Community Plan to End Homelessness 2009-2014

Bringing Lethbridge Home is the 5 Year Plan to end homelessness in Lethbridge by 2014 (updated from the plan from 2007‐11). Homelessness is a complex issue and one of the most critical issues facing our community. Therefore, a plan to end homelessness within five years may seem unrealistic. It may be bold, but it is possible. We believe that homelessness can be overcome if we provide permanent affordable housing with the ‘right supports’ and follow‐up services. Because we believe we can end homelessness, we’re taking action: we’re building partnerships, initiatives and strategies to house the hundreds of individuals and families in Lethbridge whose circumstances have forced them to live without adequate, safe and affordable housing.

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Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada