2016 Progress Report on Homelessness - Moving from Managing to Ending Homelessness - Fredericton Edition

This is the 8th Report on Homelessness in Fredericton. This Report is released by the Community Action Group on Homelessness (CAGH), a joint community initiative of homeless- serving non-profits, government representatives, and community leaders working collaboratively to end homelessness in Fredericton.

In the summer of 2015, the CAGH released The Road Home: A Plan to End Homelessness in Fredericton which lays out a road map to ensure an end to chronic & episodic homelessness by 2018/19 and that by 2025-26, no one in Fredericton will experience homelessness on the street or in emergency shelter for longer than 10 days before they have access to appropriate, permanent housing and the supports needed to maintain it.

Since the launch of the Road Home, homeless serving organizations have worked to lay the framework for a phased strategic approach rooted in Housing First. 

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