Angels Count the Beds - a song about homelessness

Asetha is a singer and songwriter who has also worked as a writer, knowledge mobilizer and research/policy analyst for many federal government initiatives related to homelessness and housing instability. She is most proud of her part in helping create The Homeless Hub. She believes the website can be a catalyst for a major shift in how homelessness is understood and addressed.

Through both her professional and personal life, Asetha has come to understand that life can deliver unmanageable circumstances to anyone at any time. Through her music, Asetha wishes to convey the universal precariousness of life and the simple importance of taking care of ourselves and each other. To hear more of Asetha's music, or to purchase her CD "Child of Rhyme", please visit

I. Their stories told to an outreach nurse
Giving her time to preserve their worth
Those whose minds have had enough
Those whose eyes have seen too much
The homeless seared in all her thoughts
The lot they're dealt is not their fault
Women abused flee with child
Senior citizens cannot get by

Under the bridge
Lives left for dead
Over the wind
Angels count the beds

II. Housing is a crisis of today
Like the fight for oil and empty fame
Who decides who gets a roof
Do Maslow's tiers not speak the truth
Government-funded NGOs
Balance the world stood on tipsy toes
Branded, cornered, put on a leash
Rollover! Sit! Good! Here's your treat

IV. We focus on the war abroad
The right to choose and marriage laws
While here within communities
Children live without basic needs
What is left for each proud man
When families are driven mad
Circumstances knock us down
Politicians count us out
...Human rights must steer this course
Take good care of you and yours

Asetha Power - songwriting, vocals
Jason LaPrade - production, acoustic guitar

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