CAMH and Sketch help keep recently-housed youth permanently off the streets

There are many homeless youths in Toronto that cannot get out of homelessness due to the fact that most community services only focus on crisis and placement housing.

CAMH (The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), Sketch, The Centre for Mindfulness Studies, Covenant House, the Wellesley Institute, and also LOFT (which stands for Leap of Faith Together) will be joining hands to initiate a 6 month project in assisting keeping homeless children off the streets. The project is developed by the Toronto Homeless Youth Transition Collaborative, which the government will fund $390,000 for the project. 

For six months, 30 or so youths involved in the program will have benefits to social support systems, resources to reunite and resolve family related issues, consultation for groups suffering from emotional/physical trauma and also a psychotherapy component for those who need more than counselling.

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