The City of Windsor 2018 Homelessness Point in Time Count and Registry Week

During Windsor’s Point in Time (PiT) Count and Registry Week, enumeration
volunteers engaged with 294 people to complete the homeless enumeration
survey approved by the Ontario Ministry of Housing. Of these surveys, 197
people were experiencing homelessness (this included 8 families with a total of
19 dependent children). An additional 45 respondents identified that they were
precariously housed likely with pending evictions. Although the overall
number of people identified as experiencing homelessness in 2018 is basically
unchanged from the 201 people identified in the 2016 PIT Count, it must be
realized that given the number of people housed and supported by funded
partners (over 150 people in the last 2 years), the inflow of additional
individuals, families and youth experiencing homelessness is evident.
Unfortunately, with the addition of 197 people experiencing homelessness in
the region in 2018 minus the people successfully housed in the last two years,
the City of Windsor and its community partners are no closer in achieving its
goal of achieving functional zero than it was in 2016. To capitalize on the
success already achieved locally in ending homelessness for the most vulnerable
individuals and families, enhanced emphasis on homelessness prevention
including discharge planning and shelter diversion will be required moving
forward. Meeting the goals established for Windsor’s long-term plan to end
homelessness is indeed achievable but efforts regarding re-housing and
prevention and diversion must be strategic and deliberate.

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