Coming Together to End Homelessness: Hamilton's Systems Planning Framework

Homelessness is a complex but solvable problem. Working from a rights-based approach to housing, Hamilton will end chronic homelessness by 2025. The City of Hamilton serves an important role in the coordination and delivery of services and benefits as Service Manager and Community Entity on behalf of the Governments of Ontario and Canada respectively. Serving as the lead systems planning organization on homelessness at a local level, the City has accountability for funding allocations, performance management, strategy development and implementation, in collaboration with service providers, other governments, and those with living/lived experience of homelessness. Within this role, the City of Hamilton is required to deliver a comprehensive strategy to address homelessness and setting out a framework for enhancing the coordination of local services to prevent and end homelessness. To this end, this document serves two main purposes: • To detail Hamilton’s s roadmap to ending homelessness within the context of the broader social safety net; and • To outline a Systems Planning Framework to guide the design of the City’s investments in homelessness and enhance overall coordination of diverse resources locally to meet systems planning goals.

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