European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 11.1, 2017



Joanne Bretherton: Reconsidering Gender in Homelessness 

Cecilia von Otter, Olof Backman, Sten-Ake Stenbery & Carin Qvarfordt Eisenstein: Dynamics of Evictions: Results from a Swedish Database

Nikos Kourachanis: Homelessness Policies in Crisis Greece: The Case of the Housing and Reintegration Program

Peter K. Mackie, Ian Thomas & Jennie Bibbings: Homelessness Prevention: Reflecting on a Year of Pioneering Welsh Legislation in Practice

Eric Macnaughton, Geoffrey Nelson, Paula Goering & Myra Piat: Moving Evidence Into Policy: The Story of the At Home/Chez Soi Initiative's Impact on Federal Homelessness Policy in Canada and its Implocations for the Spread of Housing First in Europe and Internationally 

Kristine Juul: Migration, Transit and the Informal: Homelessness West-African Migrants in Copenhagen

Frida Petersson: Local Representations of Homelessness in Copenhagen, Glasgow and Gothenburg: A Cross-City Policy Analysis



Joy MacKeith: Response to Guy Johnson and Nicholas Pleace's article 'How Do we Measure Success in Homelessness Services? Critically Assessing the Rise of the Homelessness Outcomes Star'

Guy Johnson & Nicholas Pleace: The Homelessness Outcomes Star: A Brief Response to Criticism of Our Paper

Joy MacKeith: The Homelessness Outcomes Star: Response to Johnson and Pleace's Brief Response


Book Reviews

Carole Zufferey (2017) Homelessness and Social Work: An Intersectional Approach

Thomas J. Main (2016) Homelessness in New York City: Policymaking from Koch to de Blasio

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European Journal of Homelessness