European Journal of Homelessness, Volume 8.2, December 2014




Niels Karsten
Are ‘Fair Share’ Policies Fair to the Homeless? A Critical Assessment of Distributive Siting Policies in the Netherlands

József Hegedüs, Vera Horváth and Eszter Somogyi
The Potential of Social Rental Agencies within Social Housing Provision in Post-Socialist Countries: The Case of Hungary

Emma Williamson, Hilary Abrahams, Karen Morgan and Ailsa Cameron
Tracking Homeless Women in Qualitative Longitudinal Research

Policy Reviews

Martin Lux
Milestones in the Development and Implementation of a Governmental Strategy on Homelessness in the Czech Republi

Catherine Maher and Mike Allen
What is Preventing us from Preventing Homelessness? A Review of the Irish National Preventative Strateg

Susanne Gerull
Evictions Due to Rent Arrears: A Comparative Analysis of Evictions in Fourteen Countrie

Think Pieces

Stephen Gaetz
Can Housing First Work for Youth

Tanya Lalor
Enabling Access to the Private Rented Sector? The Role of Social Rental Agencies in Irelan

Olga García and Gaspar Brändle
Relevance of the Use of ETHOS in the Assessment of Housing Exclusion: Proposals for Discussion from the Spanish Cas

Profiling Homelessness: The Baltic States

Dalija Snieškienė and Inga Dulinskienė
Homelessness in Lithuania: Policy and Researc

Lilya Wagner, Erki Korp, and Charles Walters
Homelessness in Estonia: Overview and Analysi

Response Section

Tim Aubry
Housing First Europe: Next Steps

Maša Filipovič Hrast
Scaling Up Housing First in Europe

Isabel Baptista
Re-inventing Soft Governance Mechanisms in the Field of Social Inclusion: Learning from the Europeanisation of Homelessness Policy?

Book Reviews

Laura Stivers (2011)
Disrupting Homelessness: Alternative Christian Approaches

David Nixon (2013)
Stories from the Street: A Theology of Homelessness

Samara Jones (Ed.) and Guillem Fernàndez Evangelista (Coordinator) (2013)
Mean Streets: A Report on the Criminalisation of Homelessness in Europe

Flóra Pőcze (2013)
A Moszkva tér gyermeke [The Children of Moscow Square].

Gijsbert Johan Vonk and Albertjan Tollenaar (Eds.) (2014)
Homelessness and the Law: Constitution, Criminal Law and Human Rights

Jakub Marek, Aleš Strnad and Lucie Hotovcová (2012)
Bezdomovectví v kontextu ambulantních sociálních služeb [Homelessness in the Context of Low Threshold Services]

Katia Choppin and Édouard Gardella (2013)
Les Sciences Sociales et le Sans-Abrisme: Recension Bibliographique de Langue Française 1987-2012 [Social Science and Homelessness: French Language Literature Review 1987-2012].

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European Journal of Homelessness