Extra Ordinary People

We often use argument and logic to convince others to change their minds about discrimination directed at people with mental health and addiction problems. But the people who live with that stigma can persuade us to change our attitudes through personal experiences of discrimination and oppression when they are shared with compassion and hope. This documentary is an example. Awareness and compassion are the kindling that ignites a spirit of advocacy, a spirit of change - the spirit of recovery! These stories expose the various levels of discrimination experienced by extra ordinary people who have risked their comfort to shake that of the public, and to ignite hope in the hearts of their peers. A new feature length documentary by Producer/Director Laura Sky, Extra Ordinary People is a series of richly layered portraits that reveal the different stories and different journeys that reach the same destination: Recovery - a life of wellness, wholeness and strength. Commissioning Partner: Central East Public Education Strategy Committee.

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