Homeless in the Homeland: A Growing Problem For Indigenous People in Canada's North

Though several larger papers will be coming out of this work over the next few years, the research team has released this short piece that looks very generally at homelessness among Indigenous people in Canada's North.
A longer chapter on affordable housing in the NWT is slated to appear in next year's edition of How Ottawa Spends (published by McGill-Queen's University Press).

There is also a plan in place to release a community report on homelessness in Yellowknife in late-May 2011.
Nick Falvo is the main researcher on this three-year SSHRC-funded research project looking at homelessness and affordable housing in the Northwest Territories (NWT).
Frances Abele (Carleton University) is Principal Investigator on the project, and Arlene Hache (Yellowknife Women's Society) is Co-Investigator.
The project falls under the larger umbrella of the Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada.

This article is from the Parity - November 2010 Homelessness and Dispossession

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