Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) Teleforum Series - Homeless Individuals and Families Information System (HIFIS)

The Homeless Individuals and Families Information System (HIFIS) Initiative is a data development initiative for the collection and analysis of baseline data related to the use of emergency shelters in Canada. As a policy and research tool, HIFIS supports the Homelessness Partnering Secretariat (HP Sec) by providing information on the size and characteristics of Canada’s homeless population. This information contributes to increased understanding of homelessness in Canada; informed policy development; and improved planning and development of effective measures to prevent and reduce homelessness. HIFIS serves stakeholders across the country, including service providers, researchers and multiple levels of government. In addition, HIFIS provides operational support to shelters and other facilities through free-of-charge software and training support. HIFIS is now being used in 30% of the known emergency shelters in Canada. Whether you are a current user of HIFIS or would just like to learn more about this data system, please join us at our next HPS Teleforum.

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