Homelessness in Regina - 2010 Report

All data for this report was collected from Regina organizations participating in the national Homeless Individuals and Family Information System (HIFIS) (page 7).

Participating Organizations
There are 7 umbrella organizations in Regina using HIFIS at 19 shelter sites (page 8).

Three Year TrendThe average number of beds occupied on a daily basis rose between 2008 and 2010 by 44.5% (page 9).Among all HIFIS shelter service providers, the average daily capacity was 92.9%; regardless of weather conditions during any given month (page 9).

Age and Gender (2010)There is a slightly higher ratio of males to females (3:2) using emergency, transitional and/or violence against women shelters. Note: This includes shelters exclusive to women. (page17).
As age increases, the number of male admissions to shelters is greater than for women. (page 17).

Shelter Use 2008 to 2010.Individuals and families using either emergency and/or transitional shelters between 2008 and 2010 (pages 10 to 13 & 15):

a) increased every year;
b) shelters functioned at close to full capacity in 2010;
c) females tend to be younger and stay longer than males; this can, only in part, be explained by the admissions to violence against women’s shelters.
d) males tend to be older and stay for shorter periods of time but also return more often.
e) 1,484 individuals stayed in a shelter only once during 2010 and on average stayed for 56.2 days (1,202 individuals had two or more admissions).

Reasons for DischargeAlmost 30 different reasons for leaving a shelter are reported; 83.7% (inclusive of individuals discharged multiple times) were unable to find a home to live in after discharge (page 14).

Income versus Housing Costs: AFFORDABILITYMany fulltime workers cannot afford to rent a one, two or three bedroom apartment(page 18).
To afford a bachelor or a one, two or three bedroom apartment based on the average cost per month in Regina, the minimum wage would have to range from $10.04 per hour to $20.35 per hour (page 18).
Based on Saskatchewan Assistance rates no individual or family can afford to rent an apartment of any size (page 19) (NB. see discussion on page 19 for exceptions).

Publication Date: 
Regina, SK, Canada