Housing First: The Pathways Model to End Homelessness for People with Mental Illness and Addiction

Research proves that the Housing First approach is more effective than traditional models at dramatically reducing homelessness among those with mental health and substance use disorders.

This step-by-step manual provides a solid foundation for introducing the evidence-based Housing First approach--provide housing first, followed by supportive treatment services--into new locations, and evolving existing programs into those based on the ideals of the Pathways Model to End Homelessness. It guides you in structuring policies and programs that respect and respond to the voices of men, women, and families in your community, and provides easy-to-follow tools and tips for implementation.

  • Housing First details solid, actionable information about the program's philosophy, operations, and administration
  • the composition, staffing structures, and day-to-day operations of the clinical and support services
  • practices in client assessment and engagement
  • property management operations
  • the best protocols for assisting clients with the search for housing, relationships with landlords, and the overall "settling in" process
  • the research evidence for the effectiveness of the Pathways model

The DVD illustrates the concepts presented in the manual, offering client success stories, helpful tips, and model teams in action. Includes a manual and DVD.

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