HRC's Homelessness and Traumatic Stress Training Package

The Homelessness and Traumatic Stress Training Package is a resource for service providers to train their staff on the relationship between homelessness and traumatic stress and how to apply trauma concepts to their day-to-day work with people experiencing homelessness. This package includes a Trainer’s Guide, which provides an overview and instructions for using this package, as well as training materials.

The training is divided into three parts:

  1. Understanding Traumatic Stress in People Experiencing Homelessness;
  2. Creating Trauma-Informed Services and Settings for People Experiencing Homelessness; and
  3. Incorporating Trauma-Informed Concepts into Daily Practice in Settings for People Experiencing Homelessness.

Each part includes a complete trainer’s script, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and evaluation materials. In the handouts materials for Part I, you will find a list of trauma related resources that may be helpful as you prepare for the training. We hope that this package will inform your practice and assist your program as you work with people experiencing the trauma of homelessness.

To access the presentations please select from the links below:

Download the Traumatic Stress Training Guide by clicking on the pdf icon at the top or bottom of this page.

Publication Date: 
Rockville, MD, USA