Journey Home: Kelowna's Journey Home Strategy Technical Report

Demand for housing in Kelowna has been increasing steadily year-over-year. Kelowna is an attractive community with an excellent climate and a strong, growing economy that is attracting migration and, consequently, driving demand for both rental and ownership housing. This growth is also evident in the homeless population, which has challenged local service providers despite recent coordinated efforts to improve access to services, shelter, and housing.

Section 2 will provide a detailed overview of homelessness in Kelowna, emerging trends from the Homeless Point-in-Time Count and shelter utilization. This section discusses what we know about homelessness in Kelowna, how homelessness is represented by the diverse population groups, the current housing situation in Kelowna and its impacts, as well as exploring the capacity of the current system to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness.

It will link this discussion to the housing situation in Kelowna, particularly the lack of affordable options. Finally, the Homeless Serving System Capacity will be discussed in relation to various housing and support options. This sets the stage for Section 3 which focuses on community input and perspectives on homelessness.

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