London's Homeless Prevention & Housing Plan 2010-2024

London’s Homeless Prevention and Housing planning document incorporates a 14-year period and provides an integrated summary of the homelessness and housing strategies, goals and tactics already developed and taking hold in London. This Plan is built from the experiences and considerations of our community stakeholders - policymakers, service providers, individuals and families with lived experience, funders, advocates, residents and experts – and encapsulates our successes to date and our plans for the next decade, while adhering to the requirements of the Ontario Housing Policy Statement and the Housing Services Act, 2011

After lengthy community and stakeholder engagement and consultations, Municipal Council approved the London Community Housing Strategy in June 2010 (Appendix One) and the Community Plan on Homelessness in November 2010 (Appendix Two). Both plans were bold and innovative and built on the foundation of a ‘Housing First’ approach. The plans are embedded in the philosophy that the solution to preventing and ending homelessness is housing with supports. This ‘housing with support’ approach assists individuals and families by seeking and supporting the right housing, at the right time, in the right place, with the right level of support to develop long-term housing stability. Our approach is rooted in the concept that individuals and families in a housing crisis, at risk of homelessness or who are experiencing homelessness will secure housing and that other issues including addictions, mental illness and trauma can be better addressed once housing is obtained. 

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