Measurement of Homelessness at European Union Level

The research and evidence presented in this report aims to identify current methodologies and practices in different European countries that measure the extent and nature of homelessness. The research was undertaken in the context of the EU social inclusion and other strategies, and the development of National Action Plans and commonly agreed and defined indicators. Commissioned by DG Employment and Social Affairs of the European Commission in December 2005, this research builds upon the recommendations of the study carried out in 2003 by the French statistical institute (INSEE) on behalf of EUROSTAT. The report made an important contribution towards developing statistical capacity by highlighting various obstacles to a pan-European comparison, discussing definitions of homelessness and reviewing systems for data collection. This study, however, adopts more of a technical approach, and aims to identify methods and practices to develop the information base required for measuring homelessness and housing deprivation. With a particular focus on using information from providers of services to homeless people, the main tasks of this report can be summarised as being to develop procedures and methodologies.

Publication Date: 
Ottawa, ON, Canada