Niagara Resource Service for Youth

One of the few youth-serving organizations in the region, Niagara Resource Service for Youth (The RAFT) offers services to high risk and homeless youth throughout Niagara, while working collaboratively with peer agencies and support groups to foster cooperation and eliminate duplication of services. The Youth Reconnect Program, first piloted by the RAFT in 2008, now links young people from the Niagara region with a range of services in order to prevent homelessness, or to get them back into housing as soon as possible.

Canadian Homelessness Research Network (CHRN) has developed a framework to identify and share promising practices in order to support communities in the development of effective programmatic solutions to homelessness in Canada. This case study is part of the promising practice framework "What Works and for Whom?". You can access the framework and the other case studies here.

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St Catharine’s, ON, Canada