Ottawa 2019-2021 Community Homelessness Report

The Reaching Home Community Homelessness Report (CHR) is submitted to the federal government annually, starting in 2021, by communities that receive ongoing federal Reaching Home funding for homelessness services and initiatives. The CHR shows communities a year-over-year picture of the state of homelessness and of the system in place to address it in their local area. The format is designed to guide communities to transition to an outcomes-based approach to preventing and reducing homelessness.
This summary section of the CHR for fiscal 2020-21 and fiscal 2021-22 provides data on the City of Ottawa’s progress in preventing and/or reducing homelessness, and on our progress towards achieving Reaching Home requirements. More information on Ottawa’s homelessness system is available in the City of Ottawa’s annual Progress Report.

Publication Date: 
Ottawa, ON