Our Ten Year Plan A Home for Everyone: 2014 – 2024

Our Plan builds on our current responsive approaches to housing and homelessness with an enhanced focus on prevention and support through system integration. It builds on the approaches, partnerships and successes of the $14M Housing and Homelessness Investment Plan when the sector came together and developed a common agenda to implement agreed upon projects.

Our Plan is the culmination of years of extensive consultation and collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders. Our Plan describes our key priorities, our desired outcomes and our proposed high-level actions.

We are committed to creating an integrated housing system that aligns assets, funding, services, supports, policies and programs to respond to our clients’ needs in a holistic manner. The circular depiction of our future system, with the client in the centre, illustrates that while needs may be varied, complex and changing over time, a well-designed, coordinated system will respond more effectively to unique housing and support needs of our vulnerable residents. This is in sharp contrast to past linear depictions of programs and services that suggests clients’ paths are uniform and uni-directional.

Publication Date: 
Ottawa, ON, Canada