Participation: Inclusion, Empowerment and Routes Out of Homelessness - Spring 2015

Participation of people who have experience of homelessness is paramount and can have outcomes at different levels. Most importantly, participation should always have a positive impact on homeless people. Indeed, individuals can and should receive personal gain or empowerment from being involved through increased confidence, knowledge, skills or awareness. Empowerment, by which we mean enabling homeless people to claim their rights and to achieve their potential and aspirations, is therefore one of the intended outcomes of participation, because an empowered person can more easily find a sustainable route out of homelessness.


The Piazza Grande Participation Model
Leonardo Tancredi

Connected Homeless People
Monique Maitte

Straatvogels1: Homeless People on Twitter in the Netherlands
Luc Tanja

Social Work with Homeless People and IT in the projekt UDENFOR Homeless Organisation
Tabita Nyberg Petersen andBibi Agger

Citizen Advocacy: People Standing up for People
Margaret-Ann Brünjes

Nothing About Us Without Us! The Own Keys Project – People Who Have Experienced Homelessness Develop Services
Carole Brady, Raija Maunula and Vlada Petrovskaja

Empowering People, Improving Services: Participatory Audits in Homeless Services
Maarten Davelaar, Jodi Mak and Carmen Salvador

Schrägi Vögel Cooperates
Karl Flückiger

Participation – Theory and Reality in Warsaw
Adriana Porowska

Participation: From Unawareness to Practice
Marta Olaria

“Marcando LÌmites” (Setting Boundaries)
Miquel Fuster

Publication Date: 
Spring 2015