Path to a Home: San Luis Obispo Countywide 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness

In January 2008, cities, agencies and groups throughout San Luis Obispo county began an important journey, aimed at improving the county’s approach to homelessness. The need for change was broadly recognized, as homelessness in the county was continuing to grow. More individuals and families were losing their housing; community members were increasingly frustrated by the effects of homelessness on their neighborhoods, city centers and public parks; homeless programs were struggling to meet growing need with dwindling resources, and local leaders were searching for solutions that were both effective and affordable. 

Against this backdrop, and following a national trend to shift emphasis from “managing” homelessness to working to “end” it, a broad-based planning group came together to reevaluate current efforts within the county, consider best practices and lessons learned around the nation, and develop a Plan for a new and more effective response, aimed at ending homelessness in ten years. This document, Path to a Home is the outcome of that process. 

Publication Date: 
San Luis Obispo County, CA, USA