PATH Street Outreach Video Series Discussion Guide

The “Street Outreach” video series is designed to equip homeless service providers with skills and knowledge to do their jobs well. Rather than talking theoretically about skills and knowledge, these training videos show providers practicing them in real world settings. (Authors)

This discussion guide includes a synopsis, key messages, and questions for each episode of the PATH Street Outreach Video Series. Each episode is approximately 7-8 minutes long. Before watching each episode, viewers may read the discussion guide for that episode. Once the episode is complete, individuals or groups can go back through the key messages and discussion questions in order to address the questions and reinforce learning. Finally, the videos should not be watched in quick succession. Viewers should instead watch one episode at a time, followed by discussion and activities from this guide. (Authors)

The videos can be accessed as follows:
Episode 1: Initial Contact
Episode 2: Follow-Up Visit
Episode 3: Connecting People with Services

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Rockville, MD, USA