Sub-Employment and Street Youths: An Analysis of the Impact of Squeegee Cleaning on Homeless Youth

The squeegee study, reported in Security Journal, found that of a group of 107 homeless Toronto youths, less than one-quarter (24 per cent) engaged in theft under $50, versus 75 per cent of non-squeegee youth. Less than half of squeegee kids sell drugs, compared with 66 per cent of non-squeegee kids. Squeegee kids feel depressed often or always 28 per cent of the time and suicidal 12 per cent of the time, versus 58 per cent and 33 per cent respectively for non-squeegee kids. (exerpt from "Studies Offer Insight Into Lives of Squeegee Kids" by Alexander Wooley", retrieved 01/04/2008)

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Security Journal
Toronto, ON, Canada