Supportive Housing for Addicted, Incarcerated Homeless Adults - Homeless Hub Research Summary Series

Studies have shown that at least half of the homeless population suffers from mental health issues, almost half of homeless people have substance use issues, and inmates who have a mental health problem are twice as likely as those without to have been homeless in the year before incarceration. Taken together, these factors make it extremely difficult for homeless persons with multiple needs to maintain housing. Housing services for homeless people often focus on only one need and rarely address the multi-need realities of people who are homeless. However, supportive housing interventions that include rental assistance, case management services and medication support have been found to be effective in providing housing options for homeless people suffering from more than one issue.

Supportive Housing for Addicted, Incarcerated Homeless Adults was published in the Journal of Social Service Research Volume 37, Issue 2, pages 136-151 in 2011.

Publication Date: 
Toronto, ON, Canada