Tenancy Rights Project Videos

The By Youth For Youth - Tenancy Rights videos are aimed at informing homeless and/or at-risk youth of their tenancy rights, by highlighting the intricacies of what it means to be at-risk of homelessness, the landlord tenant board, and the different resources available. This project was led by a team of youth who have first hand experiences with homelessness and/or at-risk factors. 

The team began by discussing their lived experiences with housing and they noticed several commonalities. The team chose 5 topics based on those commonalities and split into sub-groups to conduct research. The research helped to create well informed scripts, which then underwent an equity, diversity, and inclusion review process. Once the review was completed the team began working with an animator, as well as a director and cinematographer, to capture their vision. Outside of the videos, the team also began using the information they acquired to create an easily digestible flyer, which could go on bulletin boards in areas where youth may see them. The goal is to let individuals know to document everything and speak up, because Tenants have rights.

Watch the 6-Part Video Series Here

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