What is the Outcomes Star?

The Outcomes Star is an approach to measuring change when working with vulnerable people. We call these measurable changes outcomes. It is used within the key work process and is integrated within assessments and reviews. This approach is described in The Outcomes Star User Guide (PDF), which can be used in key work with service users. 

Background & Further Reading

The development of the Outcomes Star
Before using any tool it is important to understand how it was developed and whether it has been tested in the field. The following describes the origins and history of the Outcomes Star, including details of the processes that were used for developing and testing the tool.
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The Journey of Change
For each of the ten areasto be reviewed, we have described the journey that is needed in order to make the changes you want to make. The Outcomes Star approach is based on an understanding of the steps that a person must go through: first wanting to make changes and then taking responsibility and changing how they use support. 
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London, England, UK