Youth Reconnect Works

This report is the first major review of our Youth Reconnect program. Utilizing data collected over the past 6 years and with a sample size of over 500 youth an external researcher was hired to analyze the data and determine how successful this program has been in addressing youth homelessness. It is our desire that this report will illustrate the value in seeking preventative solutions with a goal of ending youth homelessness as opposed to managing it and ultimately prolonging it. Some effort has been made to quantify the costs and savings of this program to society and the taxpayer; what we can’t quantify is the losses suffered by the youth, both emotional and mental. It is our hope that by illustrating what can be quantified will we be able to continue lessening the impact of those losses.

An innovative approach to solving youth homelessness in rural Canada: Results of a 5-year review of the RAFT's Youth Reconnect Program

Publication Date: 
Niagara, Ontario, Canada