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And the Winner is...A Hub Solutions Consultation Giveaway Winner Announcement

In Fall 2018, we held a contest asking organizations to submit their programs for a chance to win a free evaluation consultation with the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness’s social enterprise, Hub Solutions. We received over 30 incredible submissions from organizations across Canada. We feel so grateful to all who entered, as it gave us the chance to get to know their programs and their evaluation needs more closely. 


Homelessness, Harm Reduction and Housing First

I was recently invited to give a presentation at a two-day event discussing the overdose crisis and First Nations, with a focus on southern Alberta. My presentation (slide deck available here) focused on homelessness, substance use, harm reduction and Housing First.

With this in mind, here are 10 things to know:


Developing a National Portrait of Homelessness for Women, Girls, and Gender-Diverse Peoples in Canada: CMHC Funds New Research

Women are largely overrepresented amongst the population of peoples experiencing homelessness in Canada, and face many unique challenges. Unfortunately, many of these challenges remain invisible and unaddressed in the homelessness sector, in part because women-identified peoples and their children are more likely to experience forms of hidden homelessness


Homelessness, Hardship and Public Action in Gentrifying Areas: The Case of Park Extension, Montreal

As members of Montreal-based universities, community groups and research collectives, we wish, with the following blog post, to take a common stance in publicly decrying the harmful impact which public institutions are having on the Park Extension neighbourhood. Among these, we most specifically point out the lack of investment of funds in a coordinated housing strategy, and the displacement of residents resulting in part from the imminent arrival of Université de Montréal’s Campus MIL.