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Black Joy: Resistance, Resilience, and What it Means to Black Canadian Youth Experiencing Homelessness

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness” - Desmond Tutu, South African Human Rights Activist

“The past of slavery is experienced daily as if it were happening again….” - Toni Morrison, Beloved

In commemorating Black History Month, we can reflect on the various contributions that Black Canadians have made, and continue to offer, that strengthen this nation. This year, the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH) marks the month by highlighting Black Joy, Resistance, and Resilience. 


Lessons from an urban centre: COVID-19 mobilizes new collaboration in the City of Toronto, highlights what it would take to shift towards prevention of youth homelessness

In Toronto, Ontario, the COVID-19 pandemic placed an already-strained homelessness shelter system under greater pressure. With shelters forced to decrease their capacity by 35%, a group of youth-focused service providers worked with the City of Toronto to move 70 young people experiencing homelessness from shelters into a downtown hotel.


10 Things to Know About Housing in the 2022 Federal Budget

On 7 April 2022, Canada’s Minister of Finance tabled Canada’s 2022 Federal Budget. It included important commitments for climate change, dental care, Indigenous Peoples and Ukraine. Additionally, it included measures requiring financial institutions to assist with Canada’s post-COVID recovery effort. But it also had a very strong housing focus.

Here are 10 things to know.